The Mum’s Guide to Go, Glow and Grow Foods

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With all the vending machines and convenience stores at every street corner, it’s getting easier for kids to get access to sugary drinks and junk food. Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t always be around to make their food choices for them.

So how can you protect your kids from all of the junk food out there? Getting creative with your kid’s lunch boxes and educating them about good foods is always a start. Enter Go, Glow, Grow. It’s a three-word guide that is very effective tool for teaching your munchkins that healthy foods equals a happy life. Get your child involved in creating Go, Glow, Grow lunch boxes and teach them along the way!

Go foods

Go foods help your kids run, jump and play all day. The key nutrients in this food group are carbohydrates and good fats, which are key energy sources. A few examples of these foods are rice, corn, potatoes, wholemeal bread and noodles. If you want to step it up a bit, try making corn with a touch of melted butter, or whip up a cheesy pasta bakewhich will have them begging for seconds!

Glow foods

Glow foods do just that. The nutrients in these foods contain nutrients that improve and strengthen hair and eyes. You may need to get a little creative in this department, since Glow foods are green leafy vegetables and fruits. While you may not have your kids jumping at these foods, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Of course, your child may not see the benefits of eating carrots or broccoli, but try mixing and matching fruits and hiding veggies in pastas and sandwiches.

Grow foods

Grow foods are filled with protein, iron and calcium, all of which help your little ones grow big and strong. Want a quick breakfast hack? Scrambled, boiled or sunny-side-up eggs. Kids love them and they’re easy to whip up on the go. Add a refreshing glass of milk to their meals each day for an extra protein and calcium boost.

There you have it, three words that will help you remember what kind of foods your child should be getting. Go, Glow and Grow. If you stick to this simple guide and arm yourself and your kids with the right knowledge and prep their meals in advance, they will be on their way to growing happy, healthy and strong. Of course, don’t forget to practice what you preach! Go, Glow and Grow foods are just important for maintaining health and wellbeing for adults too.

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