The 10-Minute Challenge: is Your Family Up for It?

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Ten minutes. It sounds like such a short and easy amount of time to spend with your child. But if you’re working long hours, it can be very difficult to dedicate time to your kids, no matter how much you wish you could.

It’s very important that you do make time each day to bond with your kids, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. It can be challenging indeed, but remember, these 10 minutes will help them grow emotionally and keep them feeling connected. That’s why we’ve come up with four fantastic ideas for creating 10 minutes of special time each day.

Play some games

You know what’s the quickest way to get your kid’s attention? A fun game. You can try some options that involve skills, such as Jenga or Twister. These will surely test their hand and eye coordination as well as their attention spans. Pictionary and Charades are also great choices if you want something that involves teamwork.  Our favourite games are the ones you can carry around and bring anywhere such as cards and UNO. So build up your gaming cabinet and give your kids a fun 10 minutes or so.

Grab a snack

No child can resist the temptation of a tasty snack. Of course, you’ll be the one deciding on what munchies can be brought to the table. But spending 10 minutes with your kids around the table as you share a fruit salad or sandwich, and a cold glass of milk, is absolutely priceless. Strike up a conversation with them, and ask them to share their stories from school. It’s a great way for you and the kids to take quick time out before the homework begins.

Walk it off

If your kids are super active, a quick jog around your neighbourhood can work wonders for the both of you. Explore the streets around your house, walk to the nearest grocery store to pick up some items or even just take a simple stroll.

Do a little song and dance

Come on, admit it. You want to belt out a little tune or shake that thang. We know you want to. And your kid is going to love it that you’re up for a little impromptu karaoke or have a quick dance-off. It’s a great way to sweat it out, the precious moments that you create while your kids are giggling in delight are the ones you’ll remember forever. That smile on their face and their eyes lighting up – these are the truly precious moments.

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