Our Journey

Made in Australia and New Zealand, Meadow Fresh milk is loved and cherished by families around the world. Our fresh milk is made of only pure, premium quality goodness.

Farm life, the natural way

It’s milking

At the

Goodness, every
step of the way

Brought straight
to you

Farm life, the
natural way

Our fresh milk comes from happy, healthy cows that roam freely in open fields while soaking up the sun and fresh air.

Dairy Farmers are always striving for their farms to have the cleanest, greenest grass in order to keep their cows healthy and nourished, enabling them to produce highquality, nutrient-rich fresh milk.

It’s milking time!

Cows produce between 15-18 Litres of milk a day. That’s a whole lot of milk!

Dairy cows are usually milked at the same time each morning and afternoon as they prefer to have a routine.

At the factories

After the milking session, our milk is tested for quality, before being weighed and filtered into cold storage tanks.

Within 24 hours, the milk is processed through industry-certified production lines that adopt innovative technologies like Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) processing to ensure that our milk is of the cleanest, safest quality.

Natural, every step of the way

Not all milk is created equal. Unlike powdered milk, our milk is 100% pure.

Between the farm and your fridge, our milk is minimally processed and kept fresh, which means that the essential nutrients and great taste of milk remains intact every step of the way.

Brought straight

to you

Our milk is transported to major supermarket chains across Vietnam.

To discover the pure natural goodness of Meadow Fresh Milk, look out for our Full Cream, Low Fat, Skimmed and Calci Max™ milk range in dairy aisles near you.

Our Products

We make pure, premium quality milk products that contain essential vitamins and nutrients needed to thrive each day.