Ideas for a Nature Walk With Your Kids

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It’s a Sunday afternoon. You’re determined to get your kids away from their devices and out into the fresh air, but you can’t think of what to do. Well look no further! Nature is everywhere and the natural spaces close to home can be filled with wonderful plants and animals to explore. With a bit of planning and, some bottles of water and a few snacks, you can help spark a sense of wonder for the little ones and take them on nature adventure.

We’ve come up with a few little projects to get the kids excited about embarking on a nature walk.

Plant and botany trail

Learning about the different plants teaches kids important lessons about sustainability and caring for the environment. Take a notepad and coloured pencils and get them to draw the interesting plants that they discover. You can also collect some samples to take home and iron them between wax paper to create souvenirs of your time together.  

Bird watching

Bird watching is awe-inspiring and easy to do from your own backyard. However, it doesn’t take long for kids to lose interest in things, so be sure to keep this activity interesting. Remind them that birds can be difficult to spot, but easy to hear. Have your children close their eyes and listen to the natural sounds around them. Can they pinpoint where the song is coming from? Add to the excitement with a pair of binoculars so the little ones can get a better look, or bring out a phone to take some wonderful images for their scrapbook.

Insect exploring

Some kids are fascinated by creepy crawlies, while others fear and squirm at the site of them. Through observation and a bit of excitement, kids will realise that there is no reason to be scared of insects. Prior to this activity, educate them about the do’s and don’ts and find some tools such as glass jars, a magnifying glass for your kids to observe insects in more detail. You can also just have them draw the insects that they uncover if you would rather not get too close.

Treasure hunting

The outdoor treasure hunt has everything your kids could ever want: sunshine, fresh air, mystery, excitement and of course, sweet, sweet treasure. While a treasure hunt may differ between age groups, the hunt should always follow the same sequence. First, plan where you’re going to hide the treasure. The treasure could be chocolate, candy, or a special non-tangible reward like no chores for the day. The hunt begins with a clue, and each clue that follows will lead your kids to the next location, until the very last clue, which leads to the treasure!

Because kids are experiencing fewer and fewer opportunities to explore nature, run, roll and climb, it’s important that we create outdoor experiences that are fun, engaging and challenging. To re-introduce nature, come up with new and creative ideas to spark their sense of wonder. When adventure is paired with nature, it will lift kids’ spirits, make them love exploring again, and ultimately lead to a happier, healthier life.

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