How to Get Your Kids Back to Nature

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Do you remember playing outside from dawn till dusk? You might have happy memories of your favourite outdoor area where you played and explored for hours on end. For kids today, times like these are pretty much non-existent. When your children spend time outside, that physical activity helps them grow happy, healthy and strong, and encourages them to develop that peaceful connection with nature just like we did.

So mums, lock the devices away, it’s time to bring your kids’ imagination to life in ways that no screen can.

Building with nature’s tools

Kids love to build and create. Let them explore the areas around your house or at a park, gathering sticks, stones, leaves, mud, and anything else that they discover that can be used to build a fort, a statue, a fairy house, a cubby and other weird and wonderful creations.


Lay out a big picnic blanket, bring drinks and snacks, and let the kids lie down and gaze up at the milky way. This is perfect when your kids have friends to sleep over or for an evening day date.

Get closer to water

If you live close to a stream or breach, bring out the rubber boots and organise a day out with the kids and let them explore the wonders of the water. They’ll splash, they’ll jump around, they’ll find interesting rocks and they’ll discover interesting new creatures. Remember to pack a spare change of clothes as it’s likely they’ll get totally soaked!

Make the garden beautiful again

A day in the garden as been on the to-do list for quite some time, but you can now get the job done faster with little hands! Let the kids get rid of the weeds for you and turn it into a game to keep them entertained. Whoever has the most weeds in their bucket by the end of the activity wins a special surprise. Kids can get a little over excited so make sure you show them what to pull and what not to pull!

Let them be bug scientists for a day

It’s truly amazing what kids uncover when they’re given a mission and a magnifying glass. With a clear understanding of what NOT to touch, hand them a glass jar and watch their fascination come alive as they collect bugs and other little garden creatures.

Don’t have a plan

One of the greatest things you can do for kids is to get them out into the sunshine with no plan. Initially, they probably won’t know what to do. But soon enough, they’ll be creating exciting adventures that you could never have thought of.

Just remember, from boredom comes imagination…what is the whole point of getting them back into nature. Let them navigate their adventures in the outdoors and be there to help plan, offer encouragement and inspiration.

Here’s to bringing back playtime, the natural way!

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