How to Get Kids to Have Protein in Their Diets

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Everyone knows that kids need protein in their diet each day. But without an understanding of why it plays an essential role in helping you grow happy, healthy and strong, it can be difficult to make healthier decisions about what you and your family eats and drinks. If kids begin to learn the importance of healthy eating and the super powers of essential nutrients from an early age, you may start to see more adventurous eaters at the dinner table. Since kids love milk, parents already have one easy and delicious way to kick-start those important habits and point them in the right direction towards a happier, healthier life.

Why is protein essential for kids?

Protein should be vital for breakfast, lunch and dinner for kids.  By starting the day with a bowl of milk and cereal, your kids can begin their mornings with a natural boost of energy. This will help them improve their focus and concentration at school, keeping them going until lunchtime.

Our bodies also require protein over time to keep different functions running at their best, especially for those who are growing. In children particularly, protein assists in:

  • Helping bones, teeth and hair to grow strong.
  • Building lean muscle – along with frequent exercise, protein helps build and repair muscle by supplying essential amino acids that the body needs.
  • Keeping you feeling satisfied for longer – protein helps you feel fuller and satisfied after meals, which means that you won’t be feeling hungry again in the middle of the morning.

It’s very important to understand that not all protein-based foods are created equal. There are two main types of proteins found in food sources. Whey protein is found in plant-based milks like soy and almond milk, while casein is found in dairy milk. Casein in cows’ milk is considered to be a complete protein, meaning that each glass contains the essential mix of amino acids that your body needs. Plant based proteins on the other hand, are not considered complete proteins.

How can you make sure your kids are getting their daily protein requirements?

Not only does milk provide kids with high-quality protein, it also gives them other essential nutrients like calcium, which assists in growing strong bones and teeth. Milk is great for balancing the nutrition levels in your kids’ meals each day. By pairing a glass of milk with their food, they can get one step closer to reaching their daily recommended intake of protein and calcium.

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