How to Capture the Little Moments That Matter Most

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Remember when you could spend hours and hours each day admiring your newborn bundle of joy? As our kids get older and we get caught up with work, school, socials and a million other daily errands, it’s easy to miss out on the little milestones that can keep the family bond going strong.

When you feel like time is slipping through your fingers, take a moment to think about all the small, everyday moments happening around you. Here’s how to create memories with the family that you’ll remember forever.

Find joy in the ordinary

We celebrate big moments – birthdays, awards, achievements – but your child’s life is made up of everyday triumphs too. The best gift we can give them is to be present to share these special little moments: being with them on their very first trip to the museum, listening to them improve each day on the piano, sharing their delight in the wonderful new creatures they discover in the outdoors… so many ‘ordinary’ moments are filled with wonder through a child’s eyes, making them just as equally special for you too.

No matter how busy life gets, carve out some time each day for a bonding activity: shooting hoops in the driveway, watering the plants, teaching them how to care for their very first pet, engaging in fun pillow fights or simply sharing quality time as they snuggle into bed each night.

Make meal time family time

When the kids are constantly rushing to and from school, the evenings are often the only chance to bond as a family. Make after hours meaningful by banning gadgets at the table (parents included!) and relying on good old conversation. You might think kids take these times for granted, but there’s nothing more comforting than sitting down and eating a meal together and conversing over each other’s day.

And can we talk about the magic of afternoons in the sunshine? Make each afternoon special by preparing your kids’ favourite snack as they come home from school. Happy afternoons are made of refreshing fruits, cheese, and a delicious glass of cold milk, along with mum’s listening ear for the day’s victories and woes!

Create your own traditions

All of the advice out there about raising happy families can get overwhelming at times. For most situations, parents’ natural instincts are usually best as we draw from our own happy (and even not-so-happy) experiences.

When it comes to creating memories with your kids, think of all the family traditions that brought you joy in your own childhood: baking with mum, building pillow forts with dad, Friday movie-and-popcorn nights, decorating the Christmas tree or holding Sunday dinners, perhaps?

You’ll find that it’s often the simplest family rituals that we remember most – and these are the memories you’ll want to recreate in your own home, in your own special way.

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