Here’s Why You Need At Least 8 Hugs a Day

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You probably give hugs to express your love for your family and friends. You might also hug others to say hello and goodbye. But did you know that the simple act has been scientifically proven to boost your own happiness levels? Hugging and cuddling has many positive effects; from naturally reducing stress, to strengthening affection and bonding with loved ones. We explain these reasons in more detail and give you the inspiration you need to reach your 8-hug quota each day!

Hugging is healthy for your heart

When we hug, our bodies activate a hormone called oxytocin. This is the chemical that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is also called “the bonding hormone” because it creates a rise in feelings of commitment and intimacy amongst people, especially between a mother and her new born child. It also has a trickle-down effect throughout the body, causing the heart rate to lower. So go hug it out!

Hugging helps kids later on in life

When children are deprived of physical contact, they suffer from what’s called ‘failure to thrive’. That’s why touch and physical connection is vital for kids, especially in their younger years of life. We all know that nothing calms down a tantrum faster than a big hug from mum! A hug is a simple way of showing your little ones how much you love them, even after a heated moment. Holding them says ‘I care for you, you are a part of my heart and I will protect you’ without even having to say it. Hugs build trust and forge a deep sense of security in children, increasing their openness to learn new things, while opening up the line for honest and clear communication with family and friends.

Hugging is just as important for adults too!

Feeling stressed? A hug may be just what you need to feel calm and healthy again. When we hold each other, time stops for that moment. A nice hug enables us to let go of the stress and be present for those short few seconds. A hug lets us check in with ourselves and re-evaluate how we’re feeling on the inside, emotionally and physically. Each time your body releases oxytocin, it restores the body with more energy and less stress, resulting in an easier night’s sleep at the end of the day.

In today’s digital, busy world, it can be difficult to remember that hugging is an incredibly important part of our health and wellbeing. For kids, building that emotional connection through an embrace helps build trust and connections over time, and for adults, it can help us live in the present and lower our stress levels to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Why don’t you do something today to make sure that you and your loved ones do not go un-hugged.  No one to hug right now? No problem! Hugging yourself can boost the same feeling of safety and wellbeing, as well as enhancing our self-confidence.

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