Growing Goodness means making the most of every little moment with those who really matter. We are committed to helping families grow happier, healthier and stronger, together with the pure, natural goodness of fresh milk.


We believe milk should be 100% pure with no added sugar or preservatives, using fresh milk that is not recombined from milk powders.


We believe that cows should be raised on fresh, green pastures and be free to graze on rich, healthy grasslands.


We love that milk is a high-quality source of protein, calcium and vitamins which are essential for leading a happy, healthy balance life.

Why is milk an essential source?


Protein is the building block of life. It promotes cell growth, helps maintain and repair muscles, and delivers natural energy to fuel the day.


Calcium forms the building blocks for strong bones and teeth. It is especially important for growing bodies.

Our Journey

From the fresh green meadows of Australia and New Zealand to your table.

Our Products

Our delicious milk products are delivered straight from Australia and New Zealand and contain essential vitamins and nutrients for your family to grow strong and thrive.